Summer car maintenance: 6 things to do.

Summer car maintenance

The British holiday has returned from May 17 with the easing of travel rules. If you live in England, Scotland or Wales, you can travel anywhere in these countries by following some rules and guidelines.

As summer approaches, this means more walks and longer trips to the sights! However, due to rising temperatures, your vehicle may need attention before you start traveling.

Here are some tips to make sure your car is ready for summer:

How do you prepare your car for summer?

  1. Check the coolant

Check the coolant level in the expansion tank. This will be clearly visible in the engine compartment as a medium-sized liquid tank. When cold, the coolant level should be between the Min and Max lines. If it is less than the minimum, the coolant may leak, so we recommend that it be checked by a mechanic.

Battery status

  1. Battery status

If you find that the engine is running longer or running significantly slower, it may be worthwhile to consider a new battery now instead of risking it.

  1. Check engine oil and repairs

While the main function of engine oil is to make all parts work well, it also helps keep the engine cool. Engine oil dissipates heat generated by the engine during operation. Keep in mind that a low oil engine can overheat and not be lubricated effectively. Remember that when it is cold, check that the oil is between the Min and Max on the measuring rod. Refill if your level is low, but keep checking and avoid overfilling.

  1. Auxiliary actuator belt (s)

Traditionally called a fan belt or serpentine belt, this is the only belt you can see in the engine compartment. Make sure there are no loose threads and that they are firm when stepping on them. If it is loose, you may need a new killer, and if there are loose threads, it may indicate the need for a new traction. Do this before a long trip, as a break can save battery power, power steering, air conditioning and more. This can mean that you will fail.


  1. Rubber

Check that the tyre pressure is set as recommended not only for the vehicle but also for any additional load. Details can be found in the car’s owner’s manual, but can usually be found on the car itself, on the door or door frame, or inside the fuel tank cap. Also make sure they have a lot of teeth!

  1. Wash the screen

Fill the washer tank. Make sure the spray is good and the screws are effectively cleaning the screen without stains – after all this is the UK, so rain is inevitable as long as you are away!

A car health check is a great way to make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Visit our website and an authorized mechanic can perform contactless services at the time and date you want.

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