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We are always aware of your problems in the world of car and motorcycle repairs. And we know that profiteers and non-professionals intend to provide you with low standard services without warranty, but when using Magic Auto Tech, know with complete confidence that we constantly monitor all the mechanics in our network and examine them based on various professional and health criteria and any history, and we also recommend that our repairmen:

  • At least a degree in city mechanics and guilds / NVQ.
  • Public Liability and Trade Insurance.
  • At least 5 years of experience as a mechanic. Most mechanics have franchise agency experience before joining the Magic Auto Tech network.

You will pay our fee for only a fraction of the price.

In addition, we have an advanced multifaceted system for continuous review of our subset mechanics. After each job, we ask our customers how their mechanics met these criteria. Your feedback and that of others and our constant monitoring enable us to maintain our standards.

Once your application is accepted, the details of the mechanic will be sent to you in person so that you are fully aware of who is going to work on your machine.

You have the possibility of ordering a repair by our making a phone call at our offices as well as online through our website. To make your reservation online, please follow this link. You can message us through WhatsApp and Telegram and our support team will contact you as soon as possible in regards to the details of your requested repair and servicing prices. To find our contact information please follow this link.

At present, our website does not have the capability to do this, but if you would like us to check the price for you, we will be happy to assist. Contact us from this link.

Magic Auto Tech does not act as a “labor only” aggregator. This requires all mechanics operating in our network to provide a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty for repairs, for which the quality and compatibility of all parts are assured as we must be able to guarantee it.

Our network mechanics offer free delivery to and from any location and on any moving vehicle!

This means that if your vehicle is safe and legal to use, the mechanic will pick up and deliver your vehicle at no extra charge. However, if your vehicle is not portable and must be transported to the garage for work, the cost of recovery is at your expense. The cost of recovery will vary depending on the distance traveled and the cost of recovering as stated by your local mechanic. These costs will be shared with you by the independent repairman who received your order.

For further information and questions, please visit the following link.

As per standard, we intend to mention all our possible vehicular repairs on our website. However, as the automotive industry is ever-expanding and is also expansive by nature, it is rather difficult to pinpoint every detail of the support we can provide. We do pursue to satisfy any requirements which our respected customers have. if your type of repair is specific enough not to have been mentioned on this website, please follow this link to contact us so that we can answer your questions more elaboratively. You can also ask your selected and vetted mechanic on arrival if they or their colleagues are indeed capable of providing you with your required service.

Labor rates will be variable based on geographical location and job complexity.

The mechanic receives a fee only after completing the work. However, before doing the work, we require some funds in advance to ensure that the mechanic is paid for his work. More information can be found in the pre-licenses and payments section.

Our network mechanics only use brand new parts from our select parts suppliers and agents. Unless otherwise noted, all parts are available for sale and in most cases are OEM parts – replacement parts made by the same manufacturer.

If you need a maker/original part from your vehicle manufacturer, we can supply it, but please note that these parts are usually more expensive and often look like an OEM part.

The area should be large enough for your vehicle and your mechanic to work safely. A flat or large surface similar to a garage is preferred but not required. Do not worry if a suitable location is not found, many of our network mechanics can return your vehicle to their base for repair.

Yes, some of our network mechanics are specialized or have been specialized in a specific car brand. But generally, our network mechanics have been chosen for their ability to work on all types of cars and car models. If you have special needs, please send us a message via the contact form.

Specific equipment and environments are needed to repair the body of your car.

Therefore, we are unable to provide assistance at this time.

With most body repairs, the vehicle needs to be inspected and the work required is quoted. You need to take your vehicle to an accident repair center or paint specialist.

Small areas can be covered by a local dentist removal or chip repair company.

We suggest you search on Google

Repairing accidents

Paint chip repair

Vehicle spraying

Body repair


We do not currently offer a traditional breakdown service. Due to the nature of our service, we usually give one day’s notice so that a mechanic in our network can contact you (to make sure we get the right parts, etc.).

Therefore, it is unlikely that we will be able to help you solve the problem of road breakdown immediately. However, you can give us a chance because we may be available in your area at the last minute to repair your vehicle.

After sending the booking reservation, we will recommend this work to a workshop in your area. Thanks to our nationwide coverage, we can usually book up to one day in advance.

Our service makes it easy to find mechanics by making all reservations through our website and using the mobile mechanics who come to you. By having fixed working hours for each order and using mobile mechanics (which means no overhead costs), we make the work cheaper. We make it safer only by using genuine mechanical parts and brand new approved by our reliable spare parts suppliers.

Using Magic Auto Tech is easy, get a current offer and quote using your vehicle registration number and postcode on our homepage. We cover most of the UK and most repairs and services can be booked on the same day or the next day. We work with a proven network of mobile mechanics and independent workshops.

The price of repair and service on our website is based on the official information of the car repair and service manufacturer. This means that you only pay the actual cost of the work and nothing else. The price of our parts is based on the current price of the parts from our suppliers. Our diagnostic tests can be booked at a fixed rate based on the part of the country where your vehicle is located. All this is to ensure that you are only paying a fair fee for repair, service, or inspection.

For further information, please follow this link to contact us directly.

In most cases, the mechanics in our network can “fix” your car to lower it. This will not be a problem if there is space next to the car.

The fix types you are looking for are not listed on our site. Sometimes the name of the work on our website may differ from the name used by another garage. In some cases, there were no studies listed on our website at the time, as the manufacturer did not provide the correct editing times for certain editing tasks.

Our database will be regularly updated with new features as the required feature may be available in due time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do the necessary work; just leave a comment and we’ll check it out and give you suggestions.

If you have received a discount code, you must enter it at the time of booking. You can enter the required work on the page you have selected. At the bottom right of the page, there is the “Add discount code” option. If you get to the page where you entered your information, you need to go back one step.

For most repairs and services, you can get an instant price on our website. Just go to our home page, and enter your vehicle’s postcode and license plate. Then you can choose the repair or service you need.

We offer day or future bookings throughout most of the UK. Once your reservation is made, we can confirm exactly when your mechanic will be available.

If there are no independent mechanics in our network to cover your area, we will notify you after entering the postcode.

In the rare cases where you can’t find the repair you’re looking for or can’t get a quote, please contact us using this link and we’ll let you know if we can help.

A mobile mechanic repairs the vehicles at the location of your choice (as long as it is safe to work there). Instead of worrying about your vehicle in the garage, you will enjoy the convenience of being a master. Cell phone repairers can perform most repairs this way.

Unfortunately, due to network coverage, specialized equipment requirements, and availability of parts, Magic Auto Tech is unable to provide the following services; incorrect fuel drain, glass replacement, body repairs, MOT repairs requiring structural work (welding), alloy rims, locks and repair replacement, shifter failures, ABS pump repair, ECU repairs, engine replacement, gearbox replacement, engine replacement and transmission, removal of bar fittings, in-car repairs and entertainment (ICE) repairs and reversing camera repairs and fittings.

Wrong fuel drain

Unfortunately, only authorized companies can do this and we cannot guarantee network coverage.

Replace glass

Car glass needs specialized installation equipment and dedicated specialists. You need to contact someone like Autoglass.

Body repairs

Automotive paint needs exact conditions not only to be perfect but also to match. We are not able to offer this type of service, you need to go to an accident repair center or bodywork specialist.

MOT failures requiring structural work (eg welding)

We are unable to carry out structural repairs or welding due to unknown costs and network provisions for the required skills. It will need to be done by a skilled accident repair specialist, repair shop, or welders.

Review the alloy wheels

Like body repairs, this is a niche and not one we can offer.

Automotive lock repairs (including steering locks)

Many of the problems with automotive locks are caused by not reading the transponder chip in the key. This requires a car locksmith to fix and correct the error, which we cannot offer.

Automotive lock replacement (including steering locks)

As with lock repairs, replacing locks, key barrels, and the key is not something we can do as we cannot get the required parts. This is the same for lock actuators, central locking actuators, and locks. In most cases, this requires a dealership to supply and install the parts.

Stabilizer problems and repairs

Similar to steering column blocks and cylinder repairs, we can’t get the parts needed and transponder chips are not something we are equipped for.

ABS pump repairs

The most common defect of ABS pumps is the electronic control unit attached to them. These are very expensive to replace and as such many companies have formed to carry out these ECU repairs. We cannot do this because of the cost of specialist equipment and skills. What we can do, though, is remove the pump so we can send it in for repair and then replace it when it returns. If this is something of interest, please inquire with us.

ECU repairs

Like ABS pump repairs, we can’t do ECU repairs and test them. However, we can dispose of the unit so that it can be shipped to a specialist company and replaced on return.

Motor replacement

Due to the unknown costs and the quality of the new motor beyond our control, this is not a service we offer.

Gearbox Replacement

As with engine replacements, we cannot replace gearboxes for the same reasons.

Engine rebuild and transmission

Due to unknown costs, we cannot offer it as a service.

Install pull bar

As we cannot supply the required parts, we cannot evaluate and offer the service.

In-Car Entertainment / Installation and repair of information systems

This is a specialist area and we cannot supply, diagnose or repair ICE and Infotainment systems.

Reversing / assistive cameras

We are unable to supply parts for new installations or repair existing ones due to the large scope of suppliers.

If you’re not 100% sure what’s wrong with your car or what repair or service it needs, you’ll want to order a diagnostic check first. This means your vehicle will be properly diagnosed before our engineer can recommend the correct repair. It also means you will avoid punishment if the mechanic goes out to repair a misdiagnosed vehicle.

We expect our network mechanics to be able to do all the work listed on our system, and we also expect repairers to let us know that they are unable to do any particular work (due to lack of specialized equipment or items). Similar). But in general, we can say with confidence that our portable mechanics do not have a problem with even the most difficult repair work. Accordingly, the mechanic will be assigned to your order.

Mobile mechanics and garages are located in our network throughout the UK. Some areas may have better coverage than others, but our goal is to cover the whole of the UK at the right time. Our network is growing every day, so visit us because we will surely find a repairman for you.

Magic Auto Tech has mobile mechanics all over the UK. We make it easier, cheaper, and safer to buy mechanics using proven portable mechanics provided only to you, fixed working hours by the manufacturer, and new original parts from trusted suppliers. In short, we offer more flexible and reliable services than most traditional garages.

Initial License and Fees

Some independent mechanics can pay directly, but we only accept credit and cash cards received at the time of booking through the website. This ensures that all payments made are properly recorded and transparent to all.

This method also protects because in the event of any dispute with an independent mechanic we can later compensate for any action taken by them (conditions apply). We cannot do this with any cash payment. It also means that you can enjoy the added protection of your payment provider.

Before we send you an independent mechanic, we do a pre-authorization to make sure the money in your account is ready to top up.

Please note that no funds will be withdrawn from your account at this stage, however, funds may appear as “pending” in your account because the funds are almost “closed”.

You will only be charged after the completion of work much like booking a hotel room.

All price offers to include AVI, where applicable. Whether AVI is included in the quote will depend on the AVI status of the mechanic. We work with independent mechanics and garages and that will depend on the VAT status of their business.

If you require a VAT invoice, please explain this by adding a note to your order in your order process and stating that this is required before going to the repairman.

Please note that if you require a VAT receipt, this will limit the possible set of mechanics to those with VAT registration only to complete the repair of your choice. Then we count on the extent of AVI registered repairers in your area.

Many standalone mobile mechanics on the Magic Auto Tech network do not have AVI registration. Let us know if you need a VAT receipt, and we can limit the range of possible mechanics to those who have registered for VAT to complete the repair of your choice. This is not always possible as availability depends on the number of registered VAT mechanics in your area. Please explain that this is a requirement before your mechanic arrives.

Important: When ordering services through our website, you must add a note to your order informing you that you need a VAT receipt. This ensures that only repairmen with a VAT certificate will receive your order.

We use secure third-party strips for SSL payment transactions. They meet the PCI-DSS security requirements. We also use the XML-based 3-D Secure Protocol approved by Visa, Mastercard, and Amex for an extra layer of security.

Cancellation is instant, but the speed with which your bank can cancel the pre-license is out of our control. Usually within 5 working days.

Please make sure your card is active and has sufficient funds to cover the pre-license amount for your reservation. If necessary, you can upload replacement cards using your Magic Auto Tech dashboard.

Prepay is a pending payment for the account associated with your registered debit card. The amount previously booked will not be removed from your account until the booking has been debited, although the funds may not be available at the time of authorization. This will usually appear in the ‘Pending Transactions’ section of your debit card.

If the pre-authorization is revoked (or released), it may appear on your statement as a refund or disappear altogether. In this case, the time it takes to access the money changes again. Contact your debit card provider for more information.

Prior to each booking, an independent mechanic will authorize to ensure that the card details are valid and that funds are available to cover the cost of the booking. This pre-booking will be made either 24 hours before the booking date or if your booking request is confirmed by an independent mechanic if the booking is made on the same day. If money is not available the day before (you can book for payday!), We will try your booking again the first morning, so make sure the money is available before 17:00. m. from the date of booking.

The truck will not be ready for operation until it has been completed by an independent mechanic. If the final price of the booking is less than the amount of the authorization, the correct Final Price will be charged.

If your booking is canceled, all relevant authorizations will also be canceled and the funds will appear in your free balance, usually within 5 business days, depending on the processing speed of your payment service provider (subject to applicable charges as described in our booking policy).


Yes, in some cases the mechanic may not be able to allocate time at the originally agreed time. A mechanic will contact you to set up a new appointment. If you do not like the proposed new watch, please contact us on our Contact Us page.

Hi, but you don’t need to be there while the mechanic has access to the tool. This means that you or someone you authorize must be present to give the mechanic access to the vehicle.

You do not need to provide parts or tools unless you have hired a mechanic to deliver parts for the job itself.

All repairmen in our network are independent, which means they are not at our service because they work under their own brand. Unfortunately, we cannot require mechanics to do identification work. However, as a courtesy, we ask mechanics to bring identification devices with them when visiting customers.

If you have additional requirements for your reservation, such as some parts or additional work to be done, click on ‘Add a note to your mechanic about the availability of decolesoposacesen2.

If you have already completed your backup request, you can open the solution bag and send us a message via your Magic Auto Tech dashboard.

When the mechanic is confirmed for your appointment, you will receive an email with contact information. You can also log in to your Magic Auto Tech account to send them a message.

Yes, as long as the time recommended by the mechanic is not completely reasonable and satisfactory for you. Contact us if you are not satisfied. See our contact page to find out how to contact us.

We always try to quote in advance, normally the prices given on the website are the prices you pay. In some cases, the mechanic may see reasons to offer a different price than the one on the website, for example when special parts are needed.

If you are not satisfied with the work of your mechanic, please contact us; We will begin an investigation to determine whether the revised proposal is justified. See our contact page to find out how to contact us.

We are sorry for that. You can log in to your control panel to see if your mechanic has sent you a message or indicated that he is on his way. You can also send the message directly to the mechanic to check its status.

If you still can’t contact your mechanic, please email us from your control panel; we will send you an update as soon as possible.

In some cases, you may not be able to hire a mechanic to make repairs due to unexpected circumstances. Usually, a fee is charged to cover mechanical time and fuel costs, see our booking policy at this link.

If necessary and the mechanic asks for keys, you should consider leaving the keys to the mechanic. Otherwise, the mechanic may not be able to do his job as planned.

In some cases, the mechanic may not be able to complete the work due to unforeseen breakdowns beyond the mechanic’s control. Such as locking screws or spare parts that need to be replaced. Of course, the mechanic should always try to do the job as soon as possible and inform you of any problems.

If the mechanic cannot finish the job in a reasonable time, contact us. We then begin the investigation to determine why the mechanic did not complete the work.

In the first case, always try to solve such a problem with a mechanic, there are many factors that make the work take less than the mentioned time. If the mechanic cannot give a convincing answer, always contact us through the contact page. We will start research and try to find a solution.

If the mechanic cannot schedule the work in a reasonable time, we will try to find another mechanic in your area to work on your vehicle.

Sometimes you may need other parts or accessories to repair your car. In such cases, the mechanic tries to recover and return the parts at another agreed time for repair. In some cases, the unavailability of parts in your area may mean that the mechanic cannot return to you for another day.

In this case, the mechanic must suggest an alternative arrival time. We ask any mechanic on our network to contact you if they are unable to do the agreed time. If the time provided by the mechanic is not good enough, leave us a message and we will start researching and try to find a solution.

Unfortunately, sometimes our network repairman may not be able to make an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances or other reasons. In this case, we expect the mechanic to let us know as soon as possible, which will allow us to find new mechanics in your area to take over the business.

Unfortunately, the mechanic may sometimes be late due to traffic or other tasks that take longer than planned. Please always contact our network mechanics directly in the event of any problems.

If the mechanic cannot contact you, leave us a message (see our contact page via this link), and we will try to contact the mechanic and find out the reason for the delay.

After appointment

All parts and labor (except pre-purchase inspection and troubleshooting) are covered by a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first).

However, please note that this warranty is provided by an independent mechanic who performed the work and is subject to the following conditions:

The mechanic who performed the work will have access to your vehicle to investigate the problem within a reasonable time before the vehicle is repaired by any other third party.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Make sure the vehicle is serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule (for proper time and distance).
  • Fully follow the mechanic’s recommendations, warnings, information, or any instructions provided by the mechanic.
  • Parts or work performed by a mechanic are not subject to abnormal conditions or excessive wear.

At Magic Auto Tech, we always strive for a “customer first” approach. We’ve designed the site to be very easy to use, so even if you’re anxious about your vehicle, you won’t leave our platform!

You can also be confident that not only are all independent mechanics in our network inspected to ensure our quality standards are met but that the parts the mechanics supply and their work are covered by a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty. (Special conditions apply).

As we all know, sometimes things can go wrong and our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is here to help. We have also designed an integrated picking center so you can initiate a written conversation with an independent mechanic and if the issue is not resolved within 3 days you will have the option to escalate the issue to help our team.

If your complaint is about a dispute with an independent mechanic (e.g. fee amount, parts installed, or repair quality), please open a resolution file in your Magic Auto Tech account using the web link below where you can submit a message in both cases. Independent Mechanic and Magic Auto Tech.

Please note that Magic Auto Tech is a third-party marketplace platform only. All mechanics that trade on our platform is independent and not used by us. They trade your brand and manage your business plan.

Employment contract, payment, warranty (if any), and finally any refund decisions are made with an independent mechanic and not with Magic Auto Tech as their booking platform.

If your complaint concerns navigation, booking, or payment for services, please

Contact us at the following link.

We will always try to help you resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, but due to the complex nature of auto mechanics, some complaints take longer. In that case, we provide updates and look forward to working with you and the independent mechanic to get a quick and satisfactory solution.

First, if you are not satisfied with the work done by a freelance mechanic, you should open a solution via the Magic Auto Tech dashboard. Simply select the appropriate topic from the “Actions” drop-down menu, fill in the details and click “Submit” – this basically opens a three-way conversation between you, the free mechanic, and, if necessary, our customer support team.

If necessary, in most cases we can recommend the best solution for your case based on the information provided by the customer and an independent mechanic.

If the mechanic did not contact you because the repair was not completed at another time, please contact our customer service team. We will try to contact a mechanic if necessary and/or start an investigation.

After each task is done and the invoice is issued by the mechanic, you will receive an email with a link in which you can check the mechanic’s opinion.

pre-purchase checks

  • Inform the seller that the inspection is in progress and ask for permission to inspect.
  • Make sure that the inspector has access to the vehicle.

YES. Customers do not have to be present at the inspection. After the inspection, you will receive a report in your inbox and if you want, you can discuss this with the mechanic by phone.

Advance inspections are not accompanied by any warranty/guarantee. The purpose of the inspection is to provide an honest and realistic reflection of the vehicle’s condition at that particular time. This is not a recommendation to buy or not to buy a vehicle.

A typical inspection should take one to two hours.

This is because:

– car type

– Vehicle position

We offer reservations the next day so you can book a mechanic for an optional 2-hour window from 8 am.

Not. The independent mechanic could not take the vehicle for a driving test. Driving a vehicle with an expired tax and/or MOT is illegal and the driver can be prosecuted accordingly.

Engine room / Engine room inspection

Motorhomes can be inspected, but there are exceptions.

The vehicle must be in the PLG category, all are above this category and we cannot test the vehicle.

We also cannot test engine room facilities and accessories; we cannot test only mechanical and structural objects.

Premium auto inspection before purchasing the desired vehicle.

Usual cost: Medium


Typical time: 2 to 24 hours depending on mechanics’ availability

PPI is a vehicle checklist and status report performed by a qualified mechanic to notify the potential buyer of any problems or highlight any vehicle problems.

If you do not have any mechanical skills or you have to travel a considerable distance to get there, it is very important and you realize that this is not what the supplier described!

As the name implies, this is a comprehensive review of the general condition of the car. This report provides information in the following areas:

Interior compartment

Door locking

Boot/tailgate lock

Door seals & hinges

Interior sills

Illuminating lights

Seat upholstery

Seat mechanism (front seats)

Steering wheel adjustment

Rearview mirror condition

Cigarette lighter




Sunroof condition

Rear parcel shelf

Rear luggage area condition

Tool kit



Sidelight/running lights

Indicators/hazard lights

Rear lights/number plate lights


Reverse/fog lights

Auxiliary lights

Panel lights

Switches/controls (Condition & Operation)

Instrument/controls function


Windows/sunroof operation


Headlamp washer/headlamp wiper

Electric/manual mirrors operation

CD / Radio operation

Battery voltage

Road test (vehicle must be road legal/safe to drive)

Starting system/ignition lock

Warning lights

Cold starting

Fast idle (cold)

Noise level (cold)

Excess fumes/smoke

Engine – noise level

Engine – general performance

Overheating evidence

Turbo/super charger operation & noise

Battery charging system

Hand/parking brake operation

Footbrake operation

Gearbox operation/noise level

Clutch operation

Accelerator Pedal Operation

Instrument/controls function

General steering/handling

Road holding/stability

Suspension noise

Cruise control

Steering wheel alignment

Steering effort

Four-wheel drive operation

Suspension ride height level operation

Aircon operation

Final drive operation/noise level

Engine compartment

Bonnet catch

Bonnet hinges

General cleanliness of engine bay

Coolant/antifreeze level

Coolant leaks

Radiator/expansion bottle cap


Engine oil level

Drive belts (visible damage)

Water pump operation

Power steering fluid level

Clutch fluid level

Brake fluid level

Engine mountings

Fuel Injection Leak Off Pipe Condition (if visible)

External leaks

Wheels and tyres

Front right tyre

Front left tyre

Rear right tyre

Rear left tyre

Spare wheel condition

Alloy wheel condition (if applicable)

Body exterior


Door locks/operation

Fuel filler cover/petrol cap

Body damage

Past repairs evident



Bumper & number plates


Front suspension, brakes & steering

Wheels hubs/bearings

Discs/pads (visual check)

Brake pipes/hoses (where visible)

Road springs

Shock absorbers (condition/leaks)

Bump stops/gaiters

Suspension arms/mountings

Suspension arms/fixings

Tie bars/anti-roll bars

Location rod/fixings


Steering joints/ball joints

Steering rack

Power steering

Rear suspension & brakes

Wheels hubs/bearings

Discs/pads (visual check)

Brake pipes/hoses (if visible)

Road springs

Shock absorbers (condition/leaks)

Bump stops/gaiters

Suspension arms/mountings

Suspension arms/fixings

Tie bars/anti-roll bars


Brake hydraulics

Master cylinder security (if accessible)

Fluid leaks

Servo/power system

Flexible hoses


Clutch and transmission

Fluid/oil leaks

Hydraulic system

Linkage wear (manual)



Driveshaft assemblies

Sliding joints (if visible)

Slave cylinder gaiter/boot (manual)



Clutch pedal/cable adjustment

Underside condition

Chassis members


Corrosion – floor/chassis

Corrosion protection

Engine underside leakage

Fuel system

Tank fixings

Fuel lines

Breather pipes

Evidence of leaks

Exhaust system


System condition

  • Tours to suppliers. (vendors).
  • 143-point mechanical and visual structural inspection (including fuel system, exhaust system, chassis condition, clutch and transmission checks, brake fluid, front and rear suspension checks, water fuel pump operation)
  • Road test (provided the vehicle is roadworthy/safe to drive)
  • Vehicle report sent to you via email
  • Full control of the interior, body, and paintwork
  • Free telephone consultation with a mechanic after the procedure
  • Tool for more detailed checks
  • Check plug diagnostics
  • Photos in the report
  • VAT (if any)

inspection before purchase

related services

Standard pre-purchase inspection

First review before purchase

The cost of the inspection before purchasing the bonus depends on the location of the car.

Find out how much you can save by visiting the Magic Auto Tech website:

Frequently Asked Questions

You must notify the seller that the review is pending and ask him to accept the review. You should also make sure that the mechanic has free access to the vehicle, including the keys.

Tin. Customers do not need to be present during the inspection. After the inspection, you will receive a report in your inbox and you can talk to the repairman on the phone if you wish.

You will receive the inspection report by e-mail after the mechanic has completed the inspection of the used vehicle. The report is usually sent as soon as the review is complete. This report is included in your booking confirmation and is available at any time after logging into your Magic Auto Tech account.

Pre-purchase checks are not guaranteed. The purpose of the inspection is to fairly and accurately reflect the condition of the vehicle at a given time and is not designed to recommend or buy the vehicle.

The pre-purchase checklist at Magic Auto Tech focuses on physical checks and doesn’t include any vehicle checks (i.e. whether the vehicle is on accident registration, reported stolen, or in your flight inventory), but you can. Easily buy them online elsewhere.

Caravans can be inspected, but there are exceptions.

The vehicle must be PLG, anything above this score and we cannot test the vehicle.

In addition, we cannot test the fixtures and fixtures of the engine room, we can only test the mechanical and structural elements.

We cannot provide pre-purchase vouchers for vehicles removed by insurance companies. Pages are divided into four different categories that measure the extent of damage done to a vehicle. These are the A, B, S, and N categories, and the last two replaced the previous C and D classifications in October 2017.

Because mechanics cannot remove anything from a vehicle (as MOT inspectors cannot), we are unable to determine the status of many repairs. Also, as there may be structural damage, you need an expert from an accident repair center to make the decision.

We can not offer pre-purchase checks for cars canceled by insurance companies. Wipes are divided into four different categories that measure the extent of car damage. These are categories A, B, S, and N, and the last two categories replaced the old C and D classifications in October 2017.

Since mechanics are not allowed to remove anything from the vehicle (as MOT inspectors do), we cannot determine the status of many repairs. Also, since there may be structural damage, it should be decided by the specialist of the accident repair center.

Our pre-purchase inspection makes it easy for customers to make a purchase decision through a mechanical on-site inspection.

You can choose a basic, standard, or premium service with 72 to 143 checkpoints, and the mechanic will provide you with a phone call and a written report (if any) on the condition of the vehicle. You can also book this type of inspection if you have just purchased a vehicle and want to inspect it. We offer one-day bookings for most UK locations and you will receive an email report immediately upon completion of the mechanical inspection.

We cannot offer pre-purchase checks for cars canceled by insurance companies. Consuls are divided into four different categories that measure the extent of damage to your car. These are categories A, B, S, and N, the last two of which replaced the old classifications C and D in October 2017:

We save you the time and hassle of inspecting your vehicle and can potentially save you thousands of pounds on future repair bills.


Yes, but keep in mind that only mechanics registered with our network can service cars that are still guaranteed.

Important: When booking a service through our website, you must add a note to your booking or contact us to let us know that your vehicle is still under warranty. As a result, only VAT-registered repairers will accept your reservation.

Yes, but it will depend on the individual mechanic. When making a reservation through our website, please leave a note stating that the service book must be stamped. Before appointing a workshop, we will contact our web service mechanics in your area.

Some manufacturers, such as Mazda, will (recently) have digital service programs that will store information about all of the car’s services. Typically, digital service records will only be available to official dealers and registered independent centers and workshops.

Whether a mechanic can upgrade digital service protocols will depend on whether he has or can access digital service protocols. We advise you to send us a message before booking, we will contact our network mechanics in your area.

Sometimes. Our primary and secondary services include a variety of liquid supplements for different ingredients. Please note that these add-ons are subject to fair use. Where larger amounts of liquid are required, an additional cost can be determined and charged by mechanics.

Yes, most of the time. Leave us a message noting the requirements of your rental company.

The mechanic should normally provide a summary of all checks made during service on the backup confirmation. If this has not been done, contact a mechanic first. If the mechanic does not give an acceptable receipt, please contact us.

Currently, the mechanics in our network only carry a stamp with their own data.

technical questions

Battery: Does the 12V battery need to be replaced?

Batteries only have a certain life, after which the electrolyte cells begin to break down. Although the battery may show a voltage of 12-13 volts, the actual storage capacity and thus the power is reduced and starts to malfunction.

Even if the “jump starts” if the cells are damaged, this can prevent the full flow of current around the circuit and is the only way to replace the battery with a new one.

You can choose an online alternative from our menu or fill out our questionnaire to have one of our mechanics prepare one for you to receive a job offer:

Please use this link and contact us for information.

What you see is actually a warning indicator of the battery charging system, not the battery itself. This symbol should appear the first time the key is turned on and turn off a moment later when the engine is turned on.

Most likely, all you need to do is repair, replace the alternator or replace the alternator belt. In most cases, it is easy to tell if the belt is broken or not, because there are spools in different parts of the engine that no longer rotate (of course, this is an alternator!).

To explain this, there is a lot of confusion about how to power electric vehicles, basically, most of the power comes from the alternator when the engine is running (as well as the part that charges the battery).

If the light stays on or off while driving, the car will no longer receive power from the alternator but will use the remaining charge in the battery. It breaks down quickly and some electrical functions are turned off, usually ABS (you will see a red ABS warning on your dashboard), PAS (if you have power steering), and finally the engine. You are currently blocked!

Therefore, if the battery light does not go out, avoid the shortest possible trip.

If you hear a quick click when starting, the starter solenoid is activated. This means that the battery starter does not have enough power to start the engine. Even with jumpers, if the battery has dead cells, you will probably get the same result.

It is possible that the battery has been discharged and/or needs to be replaced, especially if it is more than 3-4 years old.

To receive an offer for this job, please fill out our questionnaire so that one of our mechanics can prepare it for you. Or contact us through this link.

The exterior mirrors we manufacture and install are painted only on the base.

If your mirrors are color-coded for the vehicle (i.e. the same color as the car), you should take them to an accident repair center or similar to have the color matched and sprayed.

This is not something we can do for you because of the wide variations in car colors and special equipment needed.

This is an expensive repair and should be considered only after a thorough diagnosis has been made to determine the correct performance.

If the pump is damaged, most of the time the cheapest way to start and operate the system is to test and repair the pump. The ABS ECU is usually part of the ABS pump.

This means they will be vehicle-specific, so a used device from another vehicle is unlikely to work and can rarely be coded in the vehicle. New pumps are very expensive and need to be coded in the car later.

In some cases, this coding is done only by the vendor, increasing the cost. That’s why we recommend that you first perform a full diagnostic test to show that it’s faulty, and then test and repair your device.

The device can be removed and reinstalled after repair by a mechanics who can quote you, if necessary, but after repairing the device which can take 5-10 days, you will be without a tool.

To receive an offer for this job, please fill out our application form so that one of our permanent mechanics can prepare an offer for you. Please click on this link.

The most common cause of brake vibration is deformation or uneven surface of the brake discs. An alternative to this is for the brake pads to come down so low that they do not fit properly.

Therefore, we recommend that you replace the discs and pads as a first step, which is the most likely culprit.

You can select discs and brake pads online from our website or fill out our application form to receive a job offer so that one of our resident mechanics can prepare one for you.

Electronic handbrake devices often malfunction and/or the cables become too tight and break.

Electronic motors often have cables as an integral part of the motor mechanism and the whole unit needs to be replaced. Often the cause of this problem is water and dirt entering the device and rusting its cables.

In either case, the entire device must be disassembled and replaced and then attached to the handbrake levers on the rear wheels. After doing this, the mechanic must reset the device to the control ECU.

To receive an offer for this job, fill out our search form so that one of our resident mechanics can prepare one for you.

Unfortunately, the brake pads are so worn that the metal backplate now presses against the surface of the disc. This means that the brake discs themselves become very rough, and installing new pads is just a false economy because they wear out in just a few hundred miles. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you replace the disks to prevent this from happening.

You can select discs and brake pads online from our website or fill out our application form to receive a job offer so that one of our resident mechanics can prepare one for you.

If there is little resistance to the clutch pedal or no resistance at all, the most likely cause is a failure of the clutch master cylinder. This is the unit that presses the hydraulic fluid on the clutch cylinder to release the clutch.

If your vehicle is an older or lower-end model, you may have a cable clutch. In this case, the most likely repair is the new clutch cable.

If you are not sure if your car is equipped with a hydraulic or cable clutch, please fill out our inquiry form so that one of our resident mechanics can advise you. Please follow this link.

If you’ve been told that your DMF needs to be replaced at the same time as your clutch, you may have a car whose engine produces a significant amount of torque (power). The DMF is a device that weakens vibrations from the engine to the transmission and also to the cabin.

If your clutch slips for a while, you’ve probably had damage from inertia along with further wear, and maybe even the worn clutch surface could be the cause of the problem.

The other reason to change this is if the vehicle did a lot of mileage (over 100,000) or if you towed too much. Because the DMF is basically two round plates held together by springs, these springs can weaken and break and if that happens, you will need to replace the clutch again to replace it.

If you are not sure if your vehicle has a DMF, please fill out our complaint form and one of our on-site mechanics will advise you on this.

There are some indications that your clutch is slipping, the main one is that your engine is running, but the gear of your car will not react accordingly!

If you can also detect an odor similar to an electric burn, this is a clogging of the clutch friction plates as they slide against the inertia.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure or anything you can do to improve the condition, it will only make the situation worse, so you need to replace the clutch.

You can choose your replacement clutch online at our website or fill out our application to receive a quote for this job and have one of our in-house mechanics prepare one for you. Just follow this link.

If your vehicle is equipped with what is called a Concentrated Auxiliary Cylinder (CSC). This type of slave cylinder is part of the internal clutch mechanism and is part of the clutch replacement gear.

The entire clutch must be removed to replace it, so not only is it unnecessary to replace a worn clutch but if it leaks, clutch hydraulic fluid will be sucked into the clutch friction plates, rendering them useless.

You can choose your replacement clutch online at our website, or if you are unsure if your vehicle has this setting, please complete our questionnaire with one of our mechanics on-site to advise you on this issue. Just follow this link.

Engine overheating can be attributed to a variety of issues, such as a faulty water pump or thermostat, or a head gas problem. That’s why we need a mechanics who will visit the vehicle and be there to find out why.

To receive a quote for this job, please fill out our request for one of our in-house mechanics to prepare one for you. Just follow this link

You need a service called Cooling System Pressure Test and that’s it!

The mechanic ensures that there is the correct level of coolant in the system, then presses the system using special equipment.

This drains the coolant from the leak area, provided it is not inside the engine (ie, a defective steering assembly).

If there is no significant leakage from this method, the engine is warmed up and further monitored to check that the system is running under engine pressure, which could indicate a gas problem in the head.

You can choose the pressure of a cooling system online from our website or fill out our inquiry form to get a quote and ask one of our resident mechanics to prepare one for you. Just follow this link.

There are nearly 1000 problem codes that can cause the Engine Management Lamp (EML) to turn on.

The mechanic should connect to the vehicle ECU to perform complete troubleshooting to first look at the problem codes and then further investigate the root cause and monitor areas for real-time data, history, and other related data.

Note that the diagnosis is very different from the error code provided by a small, simple reader that only reads the code.

These units have their place, but they cannot be relied on alone and provide the root cause of problems. Diagnostic equipment costs thousands of pounds, so there are costs and time required to do so.

To receive an offer for this job, please fill out our survey form for one of our resident mechanics to prepare it for you. You only have to follow this link.

There is a big difference between reading the error codes using an OBD 2 code reader and a diagnostic scan. Generic code readers are only generally good for P0001 – P0999.

With cheap (sub £500) error code readers they are unlikely to return the full information required to make an informed decision on likely root causes of error codes and malfunctions.

This is why we recommend a professional diagnostic investigation is carried out before parts are replaced.

To obtain a quote for this work, please complete our enquiry form for one of our mechanics in residence to prepare one for you, you only have to follow this link.

If your vehicle could not complete the DPF recovery cycle, it is probably stuck in uncertainty now because it could not restart the process. The mechanic should be able to access the DPF system via troubleshooting and try to persuade the vehicle to perform a forced overhaul.

This procedure basically puts the car in all the parameters necessary to perform this procedure and burn the soot deposits in the DPF container.

To receive an offer for this job, please fill out our application form for one of our housing mechanics to prepare it for you. Just follow this link.

Checks the DPF history detection mechanic and confirms that the filter failed to complete the reconstruction.

Specially designed fluids are added to the system via a port on the DPF, allowing them to be absorbed by detection prior to forced reconstruction.

Mechanics examines DPF performance. And if there is still a problem in the reconstruction due to the breakdown of the unit core, give more help.

To receive an offer for this job, please fill out our application form for one of our housing mechanics to prepare it for you. Just follow this link.

Sorry, your catalytic converter was stolen. Unfortunately, this is very common in Toyota Prius, Lexus, and Honda, especially jazz.

We suggest replacing the catalytic converter with replacing the exhaust sensor (called lambda or O2 sensor) as it is still bolted to the machine. We have the right equipment, but if the thieves damaged other equipment during the robbery, we can’t say how long it won’t be under the car.

But in general, we identify the most needed components and therefore the main costs.

To receive an offer for this job, please complete our questionnaire to be prepared by one of our local mechanics. Just follow this link.

If you hear loud noises from a diesel engine all the time, the most likely cause is a malfunction in one or more of the injector seals. This should be avoided as much as possible, as any delay could cause a bigger problem than replacing it, and could even cause the engine to become irreparable.

As the gases escape around the sealant, a black bitumen material crawls out of the side of the syringe, literally holding the syringe in place. If this reaches a level where the injector is not removable, not only the injector but also other components and even the head itself must be replaced.

This phenomenon is known in the business world as the Black Death because, in some cases, it can actually be called the end of the engine. So don’t delay in solving it!

To receive an offer for this job, please complete our questionnaire to be prepared by one of our local technicians. Just follow this link.

Most modern cars have an aluminum surface. These cylindrical heads are prone to surface deformation and puncture, so if the head pack is replaced, they must go through a process called stripping.

For this, the head must be cleaned and taken to a vending machine to cover the surface.

If this is not done, the roll mesh replacement may not be successful.

So doing this is highly recommended and in fact, most shops and mechanics won’t do it unless they do, especially since they offer a 12-month warranty.

If you are comparing quotes, be sure to do so with a quote that includes it, not a quote that will inevitably be added when you start.

To receive an offer for this job, please fill out our questionnaire to be prepared by one of our resident technicians. Just follow this link.

Misfires can be caused by many things from burnt valves and low compression through to a simple spark plug fault.

In order to get over the root cause of the misfire, the mechanic will need to run diagnostics, but may also need additional time to run further checks (i.e. compression test).

To obtain a quote for this work, please complete our enquiry form for one of our mechanics in residence to prepare one for you. Just follow this link.

The only way to get the oil to the proper level is to drain it all and start with a new filter. We strongly recommend that you do not start the engine until this process is complete. Overfilling the oil increases the oil pressure inside the engine and this can cause significant damage, including piston ejection from the side of the block!

To get a quote for this job, please fill out our application form so one of our technicians can prepare it for you. Just click this link

One-click is to turn off the starter solenoid. But the starter motor does not turn because it is jammed or simply worn out.

This will result in the starter being replaced, but the technician or mechanic will confirm this before doing so.

To receive a job quote, please fill out our application form and have one of our onboard mechanics prepared

If you hear a quick click when starting, it’s a beating of the starter solenoid.

This means there is not enough power to run the battery to start the engine. Even with auxiliary cables, you’ll likely get the same result if the battery has dead cells.

The battery is probably dead (discharged) and/or needs to be replaced, especially if it’s more than 3-4 years old.

To get a quote for this job, please fill out our application form so one of our technicians can prepare it for you. Just click this link.

If your vehicle’s engine has a timing chain, not a belt, there is no need for maintenance unless there is a problem with the timing chain.

However, if you encounter any noise, especially during starting, starting problems, or rough running, this is a sign that there is a problem with the timing chain and its components. Timing chains can be pulled, guide bars worn, and even rotating sprockets damaged.

Until the timing chain and its components are removed, it’s very difficult to tell for sure what it is, and even then, it may not be obvious with strong chains. However, technicians and mechanics will evaluate problems and noises and only proceed if other possibilities are ruled out.

To get a quote for this job, please fill out our application form so one of our technicians can prepare it for you. Just click this link.

Replacing the timers and guides on a Mercedes 2.1 diesel requires removing the engine from the vehicle. So, it’s a 14-hour process.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that we often and regularly face on these vehicles. Although our proposal includes an extensive timeline and its replacement, there are some that may require a few additional components.

To get an offer for this job, please fill out our registration form so that one of our on-site workshops can provide you with a quote. Just click this link.

In most timing motors (EKA timing belts), the water pump is not driven by the belt itself. Creates a sturdy bearing to hold it in place properly.

There are two reasons why it should change at the same time.

First, if the water pump fails for some reason, the time zone must be replaced again, as it cannot be reinstalled in any case.

Second, if the bearing in the pump fails, the time zone circuit is damaged, which can easily lead to catastrophic and costly time failures.

A leak test of a diesel injector is one of the first tests to detect the condition of fuel injectors. A technician or mechanic removes and blocks the fuel return lines and inserts connectors and vials for compatibility.

Depending on the method and amount of filling of these cylinders, the technician or mechanic may detect that one or more injectors are not working properly.

To get an offer for this job, please fill out our registration form so that one of our on-site workshops can provide you with a quote. Just click this link.

MOT tests are performed to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users. If your vehicle does not exceed the MOT, it is not suitable for off-road use and could endanger you and others. So you have to consider it against any law.

There are exceptions, of course, if you turn off your license plate lights, it probably won’t cause an accident! So, you can continue driving until the end of the current care period – but fix it as soon as possible!

If your vehicle has not been taken care of due to a dangerous defect, you can take it only before a pre-ordered repair work date or, if it has been repaired, review the pre-ordered service inspection.

If you go beyond these guidelines, the fine is very high (up to 00 2,500), it applies to your driver’s license and can even lead to a driving ban.

Road springs must be replaced on a pair of axles (ie both front or rear). If this is not done, there will be different compression spring rates that can cause problems in handling and, most importantly, braking.

Since we will not be doing any dangerous repairs, we can only replace one spring.

To receive an offer for this position, please complete our survey form for one of our resident mechanics in preparation for you. Follow this link.

The most common problem with the Mercedes-Benz A16 W169 with CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) is that the engine speed signal is lost throughout the ECU.

This results in two codes 0722 and 0793 which are RPM Signal Lost errors. All that can be done in this case is to remove the ECU and send it for testing and repair. We do not do the repairs ourselves, but we can remove the ECU and replace it when we return.

Since we can’t hire a third party for you, we will literally have to distribute it to you so you can send it, although we can give you tips on who to send it to. However, you will be left without a car while repairing the device, which can take 5 to 10 days.

To receive an offer for this position, please complete our survey form for one of our resident mechanics in preparation for you. Follow this link.

Like engine oil, it is almost a futile exercise to make gearbox fluid without changing the filter. The filter contaminates the new fluid and usually causes a bad bag or gear shift.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that the correct service be performed with a new filter, gearbox fluid, and a new box seal.

To receive an offer for this position, please complete our survey form for one of our resident mechanics in preparation for you. Follow this link.

The first thing to check is whether you can hear the sound of the window motor running. If so, the failed part is called the window controller. These often break when the window is closed and completely or partially seal the window. If so, you need to assign a new window controller.

If you do not hear the sound of the engine and the glass is loud, there is a greater chance that the engine has failed rather than the control mechanism.

You can choose a new product online from our menus or get a quote for it, fill out our registration form and have one of our resident mechanics prepare it for you. Follow this link.

tyre mounting

We work with mobile mechanics and independent garages. When making a reservation, you can pick up your cell phone or choose to have it removed from your garage and replaced with new tyres.

No, at the moment we can only help by adjusting the tyres on standard wheels. Centrifugal wheels were installed on several new Peugeots and Citroëns. Off-center wheel balancing requires specialized equipment that will not be available on all suitable hubs on the network.

Depending on the situation, our customer support team can help you change the tyres of your choice in time before your visit to the mechanic.

The approved tyre configuration for the vehicle is listed in the vehicle documentation. You can also check the tyre information as long as your vehicle is already equipped with the correct tyres. Your tyre size is a string of letters and numbers that run along the wall of the tyres you’ve already installed on your vehicle.

You must legally ensure that the tyre’s tread depth complies with the current legal minimum depth.

It is recommended to change the tyres some time before reaching the minimum tread depth. As the feed rate decreases, stopping distances are greatly reduced because this safety is reduced.

Worn tyres, especially in wet weather, are especially dangerous because less water can be dispersed into the tyre, resulting in reduced grip.

It is recommended to regularly check tyre wear, always consult your car manual for more details.

Our customer support team can help you get the price for the tyres.

It is possible that the brand does not produce a tyre according to the equipment you need. Our customer support team can help you check-in and even give you a quote.

Our customer support team can help you check if your tyre is now available. Depending on availability, we can still quote you.

No, for now we can only help you get the tyre fit price for the tyre configurations listed in our tyre section

After booking the tyres, your reservation will be handed over to the local workshops and repairers who have been checked and approved and, if possible, will accept your request.

Once the mechanic agrees, you will receive a confirmation email with the agreed time and date of the visit. Your mechanic will then prime the tyres and prepare them for the agreed date and time.

You can expect all Magic Auto Tech tyre reservations to include: tyres, tyre fitter assembly, wheel balancing, new tyre valves (if fitted) and disposal of your old tyres.

Not included:

Some vehicles are equipped with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) as standard, which is not included in the tyre mounting reservation. However, the TPMS may need to be replaced if it is in poor condition. In this case, your mechanic will advise you and offer a replacement.

Also, wheel alignment is not included in the tyre mounting cost.

Some vehicles are equipped with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) as standard, which is not included in the tyre mounting reservation. However, the TPMS may need to be replaced if it is in poor condition. In this case, your mechanic will advise you and offer a replacement.

Also, wheel alignment is not included in the tyre mounting cost.

For new mechanics

As a professional mechanic, you need car trade insurance, state liability insurance, a vehicle maintenance qualification (minimum NVQ / C & G2 level) and 5 years of experience. If you do not have any of these qualifications or insurance, we will help you obtain them.

No, joining the network is not required. However, if you have a VAT number, we’ll ask you for a VAT number when you create your account, which we’ll display on your VAT invoices.

Parts and works have a 12-month warranty. This warranty applies to the delivery and installation of parts.

All payments will be made electronically via Stripe, our secure payment service provider, upon completion. This ensures that all payments are recorded and transparent to all involved.

Payments received will be processed through a secure third-party payment platform. It can take up to 7 business days for payments to be made to the bank account specified in your account, but this time will be reduced to 3 business days if technicians or mechanics make multiple transactions in your account. Due to additional security checks, your first payment may take up to 10 business days to arrive.

You can apply to join the Magic Auto Tech network. Fill out the form on the page, we will review your application and contact you for a short chat to tell you a little more about our service and what’s going on. we are waiting.

We go through all the mechanics related to the network; you should have:

  • Mechanical skills of at least level 2 City and Guilds / NVQs.
  • Civil liability and motor vehicle trade insurance.
  • At least 5 years of trading experience as a mechanic.

During the revenue process, technicians and mechanics will receive a welcome email with details of the main discounts and sourcing of commercial parts available through Magic Auto Tech.

Commissions are charged automatically through our payment system, so you don’t have to do anything. We will bill you for our Auto Tech Mafic dashboard commission.

After submitting your documents, we need to review them to make sure they meet our requirements. This usually takes up to one business day. Make sure you’re signed in to your account and install everything else you need to keep you updated.

We’ll usually try to contact you on the day you apply, but in the end, it’s up to our mechanical support team. But don’t worry, you can usually be ready within a few days of doing your first job through the service!

It all depends on how far you want to travel (how far you are), the services provided (eg mobile phone/garage / both), and the jobs you do (eg maintenance, brakes, clutches). However, we are confident that you will have access to many jobs every week.

To protect mechanics and customers. The purpose of driving insurance is to insure against accidents that occur while using the customer’s vehicle. Mechanics have to test the car after repairs and some inspections, so traffic insurance is required.

We know that some mechanics may have worked in this field for years, but they may not have the training or formal qualifications. We will review these programs on a case-by-case basis, so they are still worth implementing

We do not charge a subscription fee and the subscription is 100% free. We only charge commissions for the orders you select to receive and execute, which include payment processing, marketing, customer service, and other costs incurred.

If you see an order that you do not want or cannot receive for various reasons, reject the order and leave the reason – this will not affect you, but it will help us to book or change the order information. / Prices in the future

You should be able to get copies from the college or board that qualifies you.

First, email or call our mechanical sales support team. They will contact or email you as soon as possible (maximum 24 hours).

Businesses are required by law to register for VAT when they reach a certain annual turnover threshold (000 85,000 a year). If you are registering for VAT, you should consider the VAT amounts provided by the system to ensure the best possible user experience. If you have VAT registration, you can recover the commission and VAT paid for the parts. If you have not registered for VAT, you will not include the amount payable in VAT, but you will not be able to claim a VAT refund for your expenses.

You need at least 1 million pounds in public liability insurance.

As a professional mechanic, you need motor third-party liability insurance, vehicle maintenance qualifications (minimum NVQ / C&G level 2), and 5 years of experience. If you do not have any of these documents or insurance, we will help you to obtain them.

Go to the Magic Auto Tech dashboard and see the apps. All order requests will be emailed to you so you do not miss anything without using the app.

The customer will pay you, but we will help you manage this process through your secure payment system.

The customer will pay you, but we will help you manage this process through your secure payment system.

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